About Us

About Us

DEAN SpA was founded in 1972 in Arzano, Naples' luxury district

on the same site where it celebrated its first 50 years in business. The artisan passion of the De Michele family, however, has its roots much further back: in the vocation for the art of tanning of its founder, Cav. Antonio De Michele, who tried his hand first as a very young worker and then as an entrepreneur in the 1930s, in the wake of the ancient Neapolitan tradition.

Indeed, since the 18th century, Naples has been the capital of tanning and leather goods, gloves and shoes, a reputation that continued until after World War II, with the flourishing of numerous workshops along the Via Marina as far as Gianturco. A supremacy that would leave indelible traces in the city's toponymy (Porta della Conceria, Via dei Guantai Nuovi).

An ancient and skilful art, that of tanning, which over the centuries has undergone important evolutions, without ever losing its essence: transforming a food waste into lasting value and beauty with skill and expertise, thus realising the dream of a circular economy long before this concept became established, with considerable savings in costs, including environmental ones, of disposal.

In the 1990s, with Michele De Michele at the helm of the company, DEAN expressed an uncommon innovative attitude in the use of advanced technologies and new professional figures, while safeguarding the value of craftsmanship.

A creative and organisational dynamism that, in the last ten years, has been given new life by the entry of many young people in key management and production roles. Since 2013, Board Chairman Antonio De Michele has been focusing on supply chain transparency and sustainability as a design disposition, before being a market requirement. With his brother Giuseppe and cousins, he imparts a transformative acceleration that does not stop even during the health emergency linked to the recent pandemic.

"In difficult times like the recent ones, between pandemic and energy crisis, it is not enough to resist, one must be open to change, in a word, antifragile. In the company, we have taken the opportunity of that suspended time for an overall efficiency improvement: with new photovoltaic plants, purification systems, Industry 4.0 machinery and further interventions that represent a definite competitive advantage".

For DEAN, the centrality of relations with the workforce, with suppliers, with customers has always represented the fulcrum of responsible action, in society and in the market. Continuous training, supply chain transparency and design tailored to customer needs are the hallmarks of a forward-looking approach that has been able to meet contemporary challenges at all times.